IE8 not compatible with Gmail – Compatibility View Error



For those of you who use Gmail you know its had its share of, what I consider to be, small issues with the new ‘face’   I personally feel they are on the right path and trust they know where they are headed BUT you might be running into that annoying red bar along the top of your email telling you that you have a compatibility issue – ANNOYING! I hate any excess ‘stuff’ on my screen that is not quite right.. So, after some digging and speaking with our corporate IT department I discovered the new look within Gmail is not compatible with IE8 – shocking! and of course, Gmail / Google is blaming IE / Windows and Windows is saying its not us its you [ok, I may be exaggerating the blame game slightly 🙂 ] none-the-less the work around is not terribly confusing – USE CHROME – once you start using it I suspect you’ll enjoy its functionality more anyway but its true, not all sites run properly on Chrome but suspect they will as its gaining popularity everyday with its themes and too numerous to mention web store ‘apps’ that most folks don’t even know exist – for example their handy advertisement stripper when watching online video’s – I have enough advertising shoved down my throat so I love this feature – Thanks Trevor 😉 

At least check it out while avoiding the IE8 compatibility issues. 

IF you just can’t let Internet Explorer go quite yet then there are a few things you can try that seem to work for some suspiciously but not everyone:



Compatibility View

Uncheck all options, save and then go back in and check the first two




Go to Tools

and be sure that is not in the window pain, if it is remove it – see below.  



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